Economic empowerment programming is designed to support economic independence among refugee families through labor market integration and the achievement of full financial capability. A key component of economic empowerment programming is early employment services to help refugees prepare for, secure, and retain employment. Work offers not only a chance to earn money and make one’s own decisions, it restores a sense of normalcy and predictability to life, and a way to make friends and to contribute to the receiving community. The resources here focus on practical and proven methods to support refugees and employers in accessing the labor market.

Early Employment & Job Readiness

EURITA Job Readiness Fact Sheet

A fact sheet introducing the concept of job readiness for refugee employment and two key resources created to assist with job readiness: EURITA Job Readiness Training and EURITA Job Readiness Handbook.

EURITA Job Readiness Handbook

A learning resource intended for use by job seekers in conjunction with the delivery of EURITA Job Readiness Training. Includes an introduction to entry level jobs, an employment glossary, and an eight step process to securing a first job in the host country.

EURITA Job Readiness Training

A comprehensive job readiness and employability PowerPoint presentation to be delivered to refugees by employment service providers.


As noted on the website, Europass includes five documents on CV development and skills assessment, to make your skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe.

How to Get Refugees to Work Quickly

A report by Phillipe Legrain describing how best to get refugees and asylum seekers integrated into the labour market, with a focus on entry level positions.

Inspiring Refugee Women to Join the American Workforce

A presentation on women in the workforce.

Interviews: A Brief Guide

Materials to support clients to prepare for a job interview.

Interviews: A Checklist

Materials to support clients to prepare for a job interview.

Interviews: A Presentation

Materials to support clients to prepare for a job interview.

Introduction to Job Readiness Curriculum (Higher)

An introduction to the complete job readiness curriculum for refugee employment published by the Higher Technical Assistance Program.

Job Readiness Curriculum (Higher)_Section 1: Working in the U.S. and First Jobs

The first section of the job readiness curriculum published by Higher covers the typical American work schedule and possible entry-level jobs for clients.

Job Readiness Curriculum (Higher)_Section 2: Skills and Resumes

The second section of the job readiness curriculum published by Higher covers how to prepare an American style resume and identify skills from clients’ previous work history.

Job Readiness Curriculum (Higher)_Section 3: Professional Networking

The third section of the job readiness curriculum published by Higher shifts from learning about the U.S. workplace to conducting a job search and the importance of networking.

Job Readiness Curriculum (Higher)_Section 4: Interviewing

The fourth section of the job readiness curriculum published by Higher covers the keys to effective interviewing.

Job Readiness Curriculum (Higher)_Section 5: Financial Literacy

The fifth section of the job readiness curriculum published by Higher covers the value of U.S. currency, the basics of banking and income taxes, how to read a paycheck and how to create a personal budget.

Job Readiness Curriculum (Higher)_Section 6: Applying for Jobs

The sixth section of the job readiness curriculum published by Higher covers where to look for job applications, tips and activities for completing applications, and an introduction to cover letters.

Job Readiness Curriculum (Higher)_Section 7: Documents, ID Cards & Hiring Paperwork

The seventh section of the job readiness curriculum published by Higher reviews the various documents and identification cards clients may encounter during their first year in the U.S.

Job Readiness Curriculum (Higher)_Section 8: Workers’ Rights

The eighth section of the job readiness curriculum published by Higher covers clients’ rights in the American workplace.

Job Readiness Curriculum (Higher)_Section 9: Succeeding in the Workplace

The final section of the job readiness curriculum published by Higher covers what clients need to expect once they start working including details such as U.S. workplace etiquette and tips for on-the-job success.

Job Search Record Template

A tool that can be used by refugees to track their job search and given to employment service providers for verification.

REDFworkshop Job Readiness Assessment Tool

A tool published by REDFworkshop that can be used by service providers to assess a client’s job readiness based on several factors including punctuality and attendance, workplace performance and appearance as well as personal readiness skills in other areas of a client’s life (housing, childcare, transportation, etc.) that may influence their job readiness.

Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) Plus Curriculum

An eight week curriculum to fast-track refugee’s vocational language skills and job readiness.

Women in Action Session Overview Discussing and Overcoming Barriers to Employment

A sample lesson plan to support women’s integration into the workforce.

Economic Empowerment Programming

Bundled Services: Foundational Programming

An overview of the theories of change behind IRC’s economic empowerment programming, including a description of the bundled services model and the process of implementation.

Employer Engagement & Job Development

Employment Flyer

A sample document to provide to potential employers.

Engaging with Employers in the Hiring of Refugees

A ten point action plan published by the OECD and UNHCR on how employers, refugees, governments, and civil society can engage employers in the hiring of refugees.

Job Development Essentials

A guide published by Laura Wyckoff and Carol Clymer that provides job developers with the essential skills for identifying jobs, assessing the needs of employers and job seekers, and job matching.


Seeds of Growth

A guide published by Welcoming America on how to harness the potential of immigrant entrepreneurs.

Initial Employment Assessment & Service Planning

Employment Client Assessment

A sample client employment assessment and services tracking sheet for use by employment service providers.

EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals

A profile tool published by the European Commission to help map the skills, qualifications, and work experiences of third country nationals and advise them on future steps.

Personal Information Sheet

A template (in English and Arabic) to assist clients in completing applications and creating CVs/resumes.

Reports & Findings

Financial Capability for New Americans, Lessons from Early Interventions with Refugees

A comprehensive report on a research project to better understand refugees’ finances, share best practices of promising interventions, and suggest recommendations for further consideration.

From Struggle to Resilience: The Economic Impact of Refugees in America

A report published by the New American Economy providing a comprehensive analysis of how refugees are contributing to the U.S. economy overall.

Income and Assets Evidence Review

An evidence review focused on identifying and summarizing impact level evidence relevant to the interventions and program outputs that help people to generate income and assets.

Migration Policy Debates

A newsletter published by Migration Policy Debates presenting the findings of a joint consultation by the OECD and UNHCR on the opportunities and challenges faced by employers of refugees.

Refugees as Employees: Good Retention, Strong Recruitment

A report published by the Tent Foundation and the Fiscal Policy Institute on the experience of businesses that hire refugees.

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