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EURITA provides information on our Resettlement & Integration Technical Assistance work in the European region. With a focus on strengthening the capacity of integration practitioners to deliver post-arrival cultural orientation and to engage the communities in which they work, the EURITA project seeks to support the integration of refugees resettled in EU member states. Initial EURITA funding came from the U.S. Department of State. The project was funded by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Home and Migration Affairs between 2019-2021 and led by the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Belgium, together with partners Conselho Português para os Refugiados in Portugal, Fundatia Schottener Servicii Sociale in Romania and Accem in Spain. A final evaluation report of the AMIF funded project can be downloaded here.

Search below for practitioner resources, guides and toolkits, templates, curricula, studies, e-learning modules and videos. You can find easy to use assessment tools to assist in determining whether your existing programming and services are in a nascent, emerging or mature stage. No matter the context, these tools help identify gaps in service provision and the steps and resources needed to further evolve programming.


Case Management Strategies

Training and resources highlight best practice program models and service delivery techniques to effectively engage with and support refugees and asylum seekers using a strength-based case management approach.

Economic Empowerment

Training and resources focus on practical and proven methods to support refugees in accessing the labor market.

Information Sharing & Cultural Orientation

Training and resources offer proven approaches and modalities for the sharing of information with refugees, asylum seekers and their new communities as well as how to coordinate the provision of services among refugee service providers.

Interpretation & Language Access

Training materials include skills and ethical practice for integration practitioners, interpreters and cultural mediators and realistic solutions to overcoming language barriers.

Community Engagement

Training and resources offer strategies for building capacity in advocacy, volunteer management and shared cultural experiences to promote community exchanges with refugees and asylum seekers.

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Featured Resources

Cultural Orientation Insights

A EURITA guidance document for practitioners on implementing standards of cultural orientation (CO) for refugees and asylum seekers. It provides an overview of CO; who should attend, what topics should be covered, modalities for delivery and how to make sessions interactive.Read more...

Lesson Plans for Cultural Orientation

This EURITA resource, designed for Cultural Orientation (CO) providers, is a compilation of supplemental lesson plans on eight key topics which are essential to newcomers in Europe and can be incorporated into an existing pre or post arrival CO training.Read more...

This project was funded by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Home and Migration Affairs and in part by a grant from the United States Department of State, but does not necessarily represent the policy of that agency and should not assume the endorsement by the federal government.