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Integration happens at the local level. Refugees should be viewed as survivors with capacity. Early access to employment leads to self-sufficiency. These and other lessons learned through the International Rescue Committee’s decades of experience integrating refugees are shared with receiving communities around the world through the RITA project. Resettlement practitioners and service providers, as well as representatives of municipalities, national governments, and civil society will find here practical tools and templates, adaptable to any country context, as well as useful links to external resources. Choose from any of the five categories below, or search by topic, resource type or language using the search tool. For information on our work in Europe, please check the EURITA page.


Case Management Strategies

Training and resources highlight best practice program models and service delivery techniques to effectively engage with and support refugees and asylum seekers using a strength-based case management approach.

Economic Empowerment

Training and resources focus on practical and proven methods to support refugees in accessing the labor market.

Information Sharing & Cultural Orientation

Training and resources offer proven approaches and modalities for the sharing of information with refugees, asylum seekers and their new communities as well as how to coordinate the provision of services among refugee service providers.

Interpretation & Language Access

Training materials include skills and ethical practice for integration practitioners, interpreters and cultural mediators and realistic solutions to overcoming language barriers.

Community Engagement

Training and resources offer strategies for building capacity in advocacy, volunteer management and shared cultural experiences to promote community exchanges with refugees and asylum seekers.

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